Levprot Bioscience

The yeast company


Expression of recombinant protein in yeast



We provide an attractive portfolio of innovative proteins, with great added value, faced to three main industries: food industry, pharmaceutical industry and in vitro diagnosis.


Levprot Bioscience

We are a cutting-edge company, centered on the most innovative biotechnology. Our activity is based on four pillars: Research, Development, Innovation and Internationalization, R+D+i+I. We count on leading providers on the area, developing our processes with high quality standards.

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Quality management systems

Every one of our products and processes are framed in the quality management system ISO 9001:2015

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We carry out developments and productive provesses that imply a strong dedication on research, development and innovation. We protect our innovations, and we participate on calls which promote investigation and innovation, allowing us to share our knowledge with the rest of the society.

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Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, our solutions try to be built as real alternatives to society's demands, from a coherent perspective with the actual ecologic transition.