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We are a highly committed with the today's society needs company. Our products and developments help directly to improve people's health, and the do it from a context of sustainability and awareness with the ecologic transition towards an ecologically sustainable alimentary and energetic system.

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Transition to a healthy and sustainable alimentary system.

Society demands increasingly demandant, natural and cutting-edge solutions to the great alimentary and ecologic problems of today. A transition to a sustainable system is compulsory, with a drastic reduction of the sugars intake and the arrival of substitutes from vegetal sources, able of replacing or supplementing animal products.

The innovative developments of LEVPROT aim to offer satisfactory solutions to these needs. Every one of our products are developed prioritizing efficiency, populational health and ecological sustainability.

The development of alternative profitable processes to obtain traditional animal-based products implies an improvement on the ecological footprint aligned with the sustainable development goals.

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In vitro diagnosis

The challenge of giving an answer to sociosanitary present and future needs.

COVID-19 has shown the importance of the diagnosis industry, and of its capability of developing diagnostic tests in record times, allowing us as a society to face and overcome the pandemic.

Giving a personalized, specific and economically sustainable answer to the increasing demand of antigens and enzymes for diagnostic and biosanitary purposes needs, necessarily, the development and strengthen of a flexible, technological, cutting-edge and highly specialized industry: the key points of LEVPROT.

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Recombinant proteins as a therapeutical weapon in the most actual medicine.

Since the production of the first recombinant insulin, the development on the use of heterologous proteins on the therapeutic and pharmacologic industry has been unstoppable. The advance towards personalized therapies and treatments goes next to biotechnological industrial production of proteins, allowing to answer to scientific needs with systems that maximize rentability and efficiency without endangering the specificity, functionality and quality of the product: the LEVPROT starting point.

Just like in the in vitro diagnosis industry, the biotechnological development of production systems for the production of cutting-edge, functional, specific and economically sustainable recombinant proteins is a key aspect to face the actual and future sociosanitary challenges. A clear example of its use is the production of mRNA vaccines, PCR diagnostic tests or the production of monoclonal antibodies against a wide variety of pathologies. The investment in technology and knowledge is one of the most important tools to assure the adaptability and record time reactions to the biosanitary challenges of today.

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Sustainable development goals

The sectors of our clients have a clear impact on society. Levprot Bioscience promotes the contribution to the SDGs.