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LEVPROT develops and produces key proteins for the realization of biotechnological therapies using yeast as main expression organism.

COVID19 crisis has shown the importance of having set-up the most versatile and recent biotechnological technologies, who have allowed to develop in a record time mRNA based vaccines, and that aim to escalate its processes to an industrial stage.

The optimized and scalable production of functional recombinant proteins is a growing field inside the biopharmaceutical industry, crucial in the way of developing increasingly advanced therapies.

We are an ally to biopharmaceutical companies dedicated to the production of vaccines or other therapies based on RNA or other biomolecules, such as nanobodies. We can develop the R&D and optimization of a scalable and highly specific productive process for the different proteins and enzymes.

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Biopharma industry:

Pyrophosphatase and DNase I.



Added value

Inorganic pyrophosphatase 1 (iPP1) from K. phaffii 

Inorganic pyrophosphatase 1 is in charge of catalyzing the hydrolysis of pyrophosphate in inorganic phospate. It plays a fundamental role in DNA and RNA synthesis, being dependent on Mg2+.

LEVPROT overexpresses and purifies iPP1 from K. phaffi in yeast cells, obtaining a dimeric protein, with or without histidine tag, with great purity and with a specific activity of 200U/mg. The efficiency, rentability and functionality of the product is maintained both in its lyophilized version and in its solution version.

DNase I

The DNase I produced in LEVPROT is an bovine endonuclease that digest nonspecifically single strand DNA, double strand DNA, chromatin and hybrids DNA: RNA, generating from mono to oligonucleotides, all of them phosphorylated at 5′ and hydroxylated at 3′. Its activity depends strictly in the presence of the bivalent cations Ca2+  y Mg2+ o Mn2+ .Its use is widely spread in therapies in which RNA is used and DNA must be eliminated.


The use of eukaryotic hosts avoids problems of cross contaminations with prokaryotic DNA and RNA. LEVPROT’s DNase I is offered, in addition to RNase-free, with histidine tag and with a specific activity of 10.000U/ml, both in solution and lyophilized. The biofermentation process introduced by LEVPROT involves a clear advanve in efficiency, sustainability and global rentability.

Developing: RNA capping enzymes

Enzymes that incorporate cap1, previously synthesized in vitro, to an RNA molecule.

The incorporation of cap1 to RNA is one of the most important economic barriers in the synthesis of mRNA. LEVPROT is involved in the development of solutions against this crucial problem.