Levprot Bioscience

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We are a technology-based company with an important R&D component. We incorporate a great added value, with developments which imply a strong component or research, development and innovation. Our strategy contemplates a clear policy of protection towards LEVPROT's innovations.


We are a highly qualified professionals team with wide experience on Investigation, Development and Innovation on Biotechnology.
Our previous knowledge about the expression of recombinant proteins in yeast allow us to reunite technology and efficiency to give cutting-edge and profitable solutions to needs and limitations previously detected on the area of production and purification of recombinant proteins, being implementable to the food and health industries.


We continuously work on the development and implementation of new projects that could satisfy the market's and today's society demands from a coherent perspective with the sustainable development goals. Therefore, we participate on calls that promote research and innovation, and we collaborate with a variety of private and public institutions, including some universities, with the aim of promoting and sharing the knowledges generated on LEVPROT BIOSCIENCE with the rest of the population.