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Agricultural and food biotechnology

Our work begins over the farming fields around the world. With agricultural biotechnologies we are capable to get better crops with the objective of provide more food and healthier proteins to the consumers. Alternative proteins have relevant benefits for the environment, and their production avoid a greater climate impact. Methods as precision fermentation and cellular agriculture could lead us to discover new ingredients and alimentary enzymes.


Our products of food technology

We develop a lot of products related with food, but our bigger efforts are   focused in two elements: brazzein protein and soy leghemoglobin. We contribute for the implementation of the new food system with both food technologies.

Brazzein protein

This is a sweet protein that was found in the 1980´s in a West African plant, Pentadiplandra brazzeana. Brazzein is of the sweetest of the protein sweeteners discovered ever and it is composed of a single chain of 54 amino acid. It is the ultimate alternative for non sugar consumers.

Soy leghemoglobin

Soy leghemoglobin is an hemoprotein, a legume hemoglobin found in soy plant. These plants carries heme, that is an iron-containing molecule that is essential for life, because is found in every living being (plants and animals). This hemoprotein and its colour and flavour is perfect for making vegetarian steaks.


What is precision fermentation technology?

Precision fermentation is a method that uses microorganisms to produce some specific proteins and enzymes. These microorganism has been previously genetically modified, inserting genes into their DNA. So these altered microorganisms have been designed to create the product.

Brazzein protein (sweet protein)

This sweet protein is about 500-2000 sweeter than sugar and low in calories, making this protein a miracle item and a good solution for diet methods. A natural sweetener based on the molecule Brazzein and an alternative protein.


Specialist in services of recombinant protein production

First step of the recombinant proteins process is isolate the gene and cloned into a vector, but an specific one: expression vector. Its required then a protein expression system but also a protein purification and protein identification systems.