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IN VITRO Diagnosis

La crisis de la COVID-19 ha puesto de manifiesto la relevancia a nivel social y sanitario de la industria del diagnóstico in vitro y la importancia de que esté preparada para enfrentarse a nuevos retos.

Para ello, en LEVPROT diseñamos y desarrollamos procesos de expresión y purificación de proteínas altamente específicas y funcionales, en un sistema de expresión escalable y rentable: células de levaduras.

Nuestros productos:

Impactan favorablemente en la eficiencia y especificidad de los desarrollos de una industria del diagnóstico clínico puntera y altamente especializada.

La expresión en levaduras permite evitar posibles problemas derivados del empleo de organismos hospedadores procariotas.

COVID-19 has shown the importance of the in vitro diagnosis industry for the new challenges in the sociosanitary sector.

For that, al LEVPROT we design and develop highly specific and functional proteins expression and purificationprocesses, in a scalable and profitable system: yeast cells.

Our products:

Have a favorable impact on the efficiency and specificity of the developments of a cutting-edge and highly specialized clinical diagnostic industry.

Expression of proteins in yeast allows to avoid possible problems derived from the use of procaryotic cells as hosts.

Our targets:

In Vitro diagnosis

Taq Polymerase, Giardia Cwp1, DNase I, k-Casein and Retrotranscriptasa.



Added Value

Taq Polymerase 

Thermostable 5’-3’ DNA polymerase from Thermus aquaticus overexpressed in K. phaffii.

LEVPROT offers a completely functional Taq polymerase from Thermus aquaticus expressed on an eukaryotic system, allowing to avoid false positives during the detection of procaryotic DNA.

Cyst wall protein 1 from Giardia intestinalis

Cwp1 plays a fundamental role on the creation of cysts that allow the survival of the parasite Giardia intestinalis when it is outside of its host. It is a highly specific antigen.

LEVPROT produces the antigen Cwp1 from Giardia intestinalis with a very high grade of purity both in its monomeric and trimeric conformations.

DNase I

The DNase I produced in LEVPROT is an bovine endonuclease that digest nonspecifically single strand DNA, double strand DNA, chromatin and DNA:RNA hybrids, generating from mono to oligonucleotides, all of them phosphorylated at 5’ and hydroxylated at 3’. Its activity depends strictly in the presence of the bivalent cations  Ca2+  and Mg2+ or Mn2+.

LEVPROT’s DNase I, original from Bos taurus, is free from RNases, is produced with histidine tag, and provides a specific activity of 10.000U/ml. It can be acquired on solution or lyophilized.

Double strand DNA specific DNase

Thermolabile endonuclease that digest double strand DNA in presence of Mg2+, generating mono and oligonucleotides, all of them 5′ phosphorylated and 3′ hydroxylated.

This enzyme’s thermolability ease its use on hot-start reactions. It is sold lyophilized at a concentration of 1.000 U/vial.


Ribosome binding domain of the protein SARS-CoV-2, overexpressed in K. phaffii.

LEVPROT  offers a functional, stable and highly pure version of the RBD antigen from SARS-CoV-2.

κ-Caseine from Bos taurus

k-Caseine is the most related fraction of the milk caseins to the performance on the obtention of cheese from milk. The obtention of a well characterized and homogeneous recombinant k-Caseine is essential for the transition to a production of dairy products totally independent from animals.

LEVPROT produces a recombinant version of the k-Casein with the same properties, functionality and stability than the original, but secreted by yeast cells. This k-Casein can be used, in addition, as an homogeneous blocking agent against unspecific unions between biomolecules.

Reverse transcriptase from Murine Leukemia Virus 

Reverse transcriptase from Murine leukemia virus, overexpressed in K. phaffii. Being able to synthesize a double strand DNA from a template strand of RNA. It is a fundamental protein in the development of different therapies and in the development of vaccines against COVID19.

LEVPROT BIOSCIENCE offers a stable, pure and functional reverse transcriptase, expressed in eukaryotic cells, reducing the risk of false positives during the detection of genetic material from procaryotic organisms.