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FOOD Industry

Somos pioneros a nivel nacional en el desarrollo de procesos para el crecimiento y producción biotecnológica de proteínas recombinantes aptas para el consumo humano.

Colaboramos en la transición hacia un nuevo modelo alimentario sostenible, saludable y rentable desde la base de la Agricultura Celular:

Desarrollamos procesos novedosos de obtención y purificación de proteínas recombinantes que responden a carencias y demandas de la industria alimentaria y del mercado de consumo actual.

Innovamos en los sistemas de expresión para el crecimiento y producción biotecnológica de proteínas recombinantes aptas para el consumo.

Aplicamos y optimizamos técnicas biotecnológicas punteras que permitan implementar a nivel industrial el desarrollo de procesos de biofermentación continua en levaduras destinadas a la sobreexpresión de proteínas recombinantes.

We are pioneers in Spain in the development of precesses to the growth and biotechnological production of recombinant proteins for human consumption.

We work for the establishment of a new sustainable alimentary system, healthy and profitable from the basis of the Cellular Agriculture.

We develop new processes for the production and purification of recombinant proteins that give an answer to the food industry demands.

We innovate on the systems for the biotechnological expression and production of recombinant proteins for human consumption.

We apply and optimize biotechnological cutting-edge techniques that enable to implement continuous biofermentation processes on recombinant protein producing yeasts at an industrial level.

Our targets

Food industry:

Brazzein, Leghemoglobin y k-Casein.



Value added


This protein can be found naturally on the tropical fruit oubli, being between 1500 and 2000 times sweeter tan sugar. It does not increase blood glucose, it is hypocaloric, and its consumption is not associated with the  development of pathologies. In addition, it does not have a bitter aftertaste and anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties have been associated to it. It is soluble in water and stable at high temperatures.

At LEVPROT we develop alternative and optimized processes for the obtention and purification of this recombinant protein, that allow an industrial profitable escalation that place brazzein as a real alternative to sugar.


Society is nowadays more aware than ever with the necessity of a transition to a more sustainable alimentary system, based mainly on the consumption of vegetal products. Soy Leghemoglobin is a key protein in this goal, as it gives vegetal products a meat-like flavor.

At LEVPROT we have developed a process of expression, purification and stabilization of soy Leghemoglobin using yeast cells, improving significantly its applications for the food industry.


k-Casein is the most related fraction of the milk caseins to the performance on the obtention of cheese from milk. The obtention of a well characterized and homogeneous recombinant  k-casein is essential for the transition to a production of dairy products totally independent from animals.

At LEVPROT we produce an homogeneous and stable recombinant k-Casein, that enables a selective improvement on the performance of the industrial fermentation of dairy products.